Session 10 - Follow the instructions

Children find a space in the room

  • Explain that music will be playing and the children must follow the commands, e.g., run, walk slowly/fast, jog, skip, hop, jump, twist, hopscotch, spotty dog, twist, stretching up, down, etc.
  • Reinforce to not bump into one another, and keep changing direction.
  • When the music stops, children are to hold a balanced shape of their choice for 3 seconds.

Mobility – Repeat each action 8 – 10 times, do not rush

  • Head turns from side to side
  • Shoulder rolls forward and backward
  • Arm circles forward and backwards
  • Swing arms up and down
  • Swing arms from side to side
  • Reach down right hand to left foot and Left hand to right foot
  • Alternating leg lunges 

Repeat as desired.