Problem 8 - River Rescue

River Rescue

Set up a ‘river’ by using two marked lines across the playing area (you could use dressing gown ropes or skipping ropes). Place items in the river that need to be rescued for example teddies or other soft toys. Children need to see how many things they can rescue from the river without touching any part of the river with their body. This includes their hands.

Extension 1: Can you use any objects around you to help fish things out of the river? Suggested items to place around: cardboard tube (from kitchen roll), skipping ropes etc.

Extension 2: Make the river wider to make it a little harder for the children to fish the items out.

Extension 3: If you would like to incorporate numeracy into the activity you could give each item a value and they must see what the total value is that they can collect within a given time.