Problem 6 - Tie a Reef Knot

How to tie a reef knot (also known as the square knot)

See below for Reef Knot video.

  • A reef knot is a binding knot and is used to hold things together such as parcels or for tying a triangular bandage. It is a knot used with a single piece of rope and is not used to tie two different ropes together.
  • To extend the activity it is useful to have a rope that is at least 2 metres long but a dressing gown cord will work.
  • Show the video demonstrating the reef knot, if not possible, demonstrate your self. It is useful to colour the ends of the ropes to identify which end goes where.
  • Can they tie the knot after a 5/10 minute break from memory?


In pairs each holding one end, can they tie a reef knot without letting go of the rope? One person should use their left hand, and one person uses their right. Swap hands.