Problem 3 - Make The Shape

The objective is for the children to create a shape while blindfolded.

Get a piece of rope or strong string about 2 meters and tie the ends together, so it is a loop.  The more players you have the longer the rope needed.  You could improvise with dressing gown belts,

How to Play

  1. If there is only one child, then the parent will need to play.
  2. All players should be blindfolded.
  3. The two or more players should work together to create the first shape on the printout below.
  4. With the rope on the floor work together to make the shape, when you agree it is done, take your blindfold off to check the results.

Easier: One child plays on their own to make the shape.

Challenge: Child may not look at the shape, they must make it based on the name alone.


  1. Try a range of shapes, circle, square, diamond, triangle etc as in resource.
  2. If you have more than one child, make it competitive, so the first person to have the desired shape are the winners.

Download the shapes printable below.