Problem 13 - Cross The River

Cross the River

Part 1:Pair children up or work with your child.  You should have two items you can stand on such as a pillow case or flat pillows

Working across the width of the living room or garden with a definite start and end point (river bank) pairs must cross the river using only the items to stand on.

  1. Both players start on the bank holding their two items, they should place the first item into the water, and both stand in it.
  2. They then put the second item in front of them, both move into it and then retrieve the item they have just stepped out of – repeat process until they reach the far side
  3. Encourage players to place the hoops as close as they can so they are easy to retrieve, i.e. if player’ throws the item forward and jump into it they may not be able to reach back and collect the item they came from without standing in the ‘water’.

(There is an attached video if some children need extra help).

Part 2:Repeat the activity, but this time each pair has a teddy bear each

  1. They must take the teddy bear with them
  2. Take two teddy bears each with them
  3. Older children must balance something soft on their head
  4. If they drop the equipment they must start again

Extension: Increase the distance or double the distance by having to return back to the other side.