Problem 10 - Control Points

Control Cards

  1. Put out the 20 control point cards spread around in different rooms around the house and garden.  If you do not have a printer you can draw out the control cards.
  2. Each child needs a blank answer card.
  3. All children start in a common location e.g. on the sofa, give each child a location to run to first, so they don’t run to the same place.
  4. When they reach a control point, they should jot down the letter on their control card and move to another area to find the next control point.
  5. Each time a child jots down a letter they must move to a control point in another room to prevent them simply moving to the nearest one.

Easier: Working in pairs or with a parent.

Challenge: In a pair or group they must plan how to compete in the fastest time possible as a group.

Extension: How many words can the children make from the letters they have collected; this can be done as individuals or as pairs.