Problem 1 - Colour Cards

Colour Cards (see supporting resource card – this can be hand written if no printer available) – The objective of the game is for the player to complete their colour card  in the quickest time possible. The colour card is used to help children learn colours as symbols.

Find a range of objects in the house that correspond with the colours on the card, these could be things such as items of clothing, tea towels, socks, pillows, anything that is safe for children to handle.

You will require a minimum of 4 x objects of each colour, this will be enough for 2 children to play at the same time.  If more children play at the same time you will need more of the same colour or to take it in turns to play.

How to play

Children can play on their own against the clock or against someone else

  1. Each player sits behind a marker with the first colour card face down in front of them.
  2. On the ‘go’ command each child should run to the ‘colour zone’ this would work well if it was in another room or at the far end of the playing area.
  3. They should collect an object of the corresponding colour on the card and place it behind their starting point.
  4. Players run out and collect a coloured object one at a time until they have replicated the coloured symbols on their card in a line at their starting point.
  5. Rotate the cards around so each player replicates each colour card.

Extension: Time each run, can they beat their time?  Can they design their own colour cards, using colours or other types of symbols?

Colour Cards Resource