Game 8 - In the Hat

In the Hat

Write down 10 activities on different bits of paper and place them in a hat (suggestions below), write down the numbers 1-10 on different pieces of paper and place them in a different hat.

Suggested Activities

  • Throwing a ball, teddy or socks up and down
  • Hitting a ball, teddy or socks with hand
  • Keepy ups with ball, teddy or socks (kicking keep ups)
  • Catch back and forth with a partner
  • Throwing into a target
  • Speed jumps over a cushion
  • Skipping (could use a skipping rope or dressing gown ropes)
  • Pass a ball or object around your waist
  • Shuttle runs
  • Bowling a ball or rolled up socks towards a target

(You may be able to think of some different activities instead of the ones above).

Pick out a number and an activity, the number is how many of that activity you need to do. E.g. 10 throws into a target, 3 shuttle runs etc.