Game 7 - Bear Game

Bear Game

Gather plenty of teddies and dolls! The parent will call out instructions which children need to respond to, mix up the commands to bring an element of surprise.

  • To the cabin – Children must run to an area of the house labelled the cabin.
  • To the woods – Children must run to an area of the house cabin labelled the woods.
  • To the river – Children run to a different area of the hall labelled the river.
  • Keeper’s coming – Children lie flat still on the floor. After this command, they cannot move until you call ‘All clear’ – even if you call another command.
  • Climb the tree – On the spot children mimic climbing a tree until next command.
  • Bear Crawl – On all fours crawling round like a bear until next command.
  • Mummy Bear – Grab a teddy and put on your back and crawl around until next instruction.
  • Swimming bears – Lie on tummy pretending to swim.
  • ‘X number’ of bears eating honey (2 or 3, 4, 5 etc.) – Children grab teddies and dolls and sit down with them.

Adapt the instructions above to suit your needs.