Game 6 - Unison Games

Working in Unison

Explain that working in unison means working together at the same time. With your child(ren) copy this short sequence together:

  • Clap hands x4 , tap knees x4 , tap head x4, clap hands x4.

Repeat several times to allow children to practice keeping in time. Continue counting in fours but ask children to change action – for example, tap elbow x4 or stamp foot x4.

Develop into a moving sequence: walk x4, clap x4, jump x4, clap x4, turn on spot with 4 steps, clap x4.

Task: Children should create a sequence to perform.  This sequence can contain any action that can be performed to the same beat pattern as the clap e.g. hop, small jump, stamping etc.

Easier: Allowing clapping x4 in between each move gives children the opportunity to keep up with everyone else. 

Challenge: Ask children if they can perform the same sequence moving backwards and sideways.

Extension: Can they incorporate a balance and hold for 4 counts and resume movement to the count of 4? How many members of the household can you get involved to perform your sequence in unison?  Film it and share with us on twitter, just tag us @thepehub