Game 3 - Living Room Volleyball

Discuss with children that tennis, volleyball, badminton, etc. are all net wall games. Then discuss with them that sometimes we have variations of games such as wheelchair tennis or sitting volleyball. This activity is going to be played only by sitting on your bottom as in sitting volleyball; you will not be able to stand up to play the ball. Show children the short YouTube clip of sitting volleyball.


You Tube - Sitting Volleyball

You can play this 1 v 1 in the living room or garden. Play with a beach ball or balloon as it will move more slowly in the air. The aim is to hit the balloon/ball back and forth over the centre line (net) without stopping. Players cannot stand up and must play only sitting down. Remind children that the ball/balloon may not always come directly to them and they may need to shuffle over a little to be able to hit it back.

Note: If playing with a balloon, the point is won when the balloon lands on the ground in the opposition’s area or is hit out of play (e.g. hits a wall or sofa) by the opposition.  If playing with a beach ball, you may wish to allow the ball to bounce once before being returned (this makes it a lot easier for the children to play). Therefore when the ball bounces twice, a point is scored.

Easier: Children can hit the ball as many times as needed before it goes over.

Challenge: Can only hit once before sending back over.

Tip: Use a line of pillows as net and pick areas of the room/garden that are ‘out’.