Game 2 - Puzzle Run


  • Print out each of the 6 jigsaws and cut out
  • On the back of each piece of each jigsaw write the number of that puzzle, e.g. Jigsaw Number 1 should have 1 written on the back of each piece
  • Place the pieces of each jigsaw around the space; the bigger the area the better e.g. playground would be best
  • Each team as a piece of sugar paper with their team’s number on, this will be used to place down each piece of puzzle as they find it

How to play

  • Each child has their own jigsaws (you can do this with your own jigsaws rather than printing the resources)
  • Before starting spread the puzzles around the house and garden these can be as hard or as easy to find as you like!
  • Each team starts at a central location e.g. middle of the garden, where you stay
  • On ‘go’ send children off to retrieve their first piece of puzzle
  • Once they find their first piece the bring it back the central location and leave it on their piece of sugar paper and go off to retrieve their next piece and so on
  • Each time bringing the puzzle piece back
  • Once they have collected their 12 pieces they must assemble their jigsaw
  • If they find a puzzle which is not part of their puzzle they must leave it where they find it or put it back where they found it once they realise


Puzzle 1 Puzzle 2 Puzzle 3 Puzzle 4 Puzzle 5 Puzzle 6