Game 15 - Towel target

For this activity you will require a bath towel, a balled up sock and 4 markers such as paper cups or other balled up socks.  Set up your towel as per the diagram.

Set the distance from the start line to the towel to be suitably challenging.  Before each throw attempt perform a fitness movement this could be a push up or burpee, then take aim and throw!

If you successfully hit the target fold the towel in half and line up by the markers  again.

Keep throwing and folding until the towel cannot be folded any more.  Then reverse the process, until the towel is folded flat again.  If you miss a throw, collect the socks and restart from the line, don’t forget your burpee! 


  1. Swap hands
  2. Increase distance
  3. Stand on one leg
  4. Roll instead of throw