Game 1 - Kings and Emperors

  1. Give each child a soft ball which they hold between their knees, this is their egg, and they must protect it.
  2. Play with your child or if more than 2 players, form teams of King Penguins or Emperor Penguins.
  3. Set up two nests for each penguin teams for e.g. a spot at each end of the lounge.
  4. Stand children at one end of working area.
  5. On ’go’, they must jump, holding the ball between their knees and make it to the other side.
  6. If they drop the ball en route, they must bring their ball back and start again.
  7. They must drop the ball from their knees to the target nest.

Extension: Change the type of ball e.g. bigger or use a balloon.  Try a variety of objects such as pillows, teddies or loo rolls! If they are getting good, try and get them out by rolling a soft ball along the ground and hitting the feet or legs.